How can you help?

Become a kindness ambassador. It is really not that hard, all you have to do is give two PAK’s a day. 2 Purposeful Acts of Kindness. It could be a simple smile or wave. It may be a compliment or a gift or a physical act. And don’t worry, if you don’t give two PAK’s for whatever reason, forgive yourself, we forgive you, and try again tomorrow. You will be surprised at what a big difference a small act can make. It could make someones day or change someones life. Ask us how we know?

Hero’s come in many forms. Not all of them are easily noticeable. Is the kind person who humbly volunteers any less of a hero than someone in the public eye? We don’t think so and we are so proud of all of the hero’s that go out there everyday and give of themselves without any thought of what they get in return.